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QTA - Carbon Graphite Engine Inlet Upgrade

Terminate corrosion and never look back

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Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty
- Lifetime means Lifetime

Operators of QTA’s carbon graphite inner barrels sleep well at night knowing they are covered under a lifetime structural warranty.

QTA Carbon Graphite Composite Replacement Inlet Barrel

  • Will Never Corrode or Fail
  • Dependable, Permanent, Safe
  • Transferable Warranty Remains with the Aircraft Serial Number
  • Adds to aircraft value

Gulfstream G200 owners will never be offered a lifetime warranty on a factory or third party ‘repair’ because…a corrosion ‘repair’ only delays the inevitable return of corrosion. That is guaranteed!

Quiet Technology Aerospace backs its Lifetime Warranty with substantial Product Liability Insurance formed and placed by Lloyds of London.

You’re covered.

The ONLY Permanent Solution
to inlet corrosion

- not a repair, a SOLUTION

Combating the expensive and time consuming problem of aluminum inner-barrel engine inlet cowl corrosion and acoustic screen degradation is a serious and uncontrollable recurring condition.

Corrosion has caused engine ingestion of corroded aluminum FOD during operation with major engine damage resulting.

QTA Carbon Graphite Composite Replacement Inlet Barrel

  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Lighter Weight
  • Eliminate expensive AOG occurrence
  • Exchange Program
  • Global STC Approvals
  • Better Appearance than Factory
  • Adds Value to the Aircraft

More than 150 QTA Inlet Upgrades flying and performing on 84 aircraft worldwide

There is no permanent repair to inlet corrosion, only a PERMANENT SOLUTION...only from Quiet Technology Aerospace

The OEM and third party repair options just give you the same design back that just failed!.....Not a solution

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Inlet Exchange Program

If needed, QTA offers customers a low cost inlet exchange program. This program can reduce potentially extended AOG conditions and delays in maintenance.

Turn Time

The turn time to upgrade a G200 Inlet, including new anodizing of the Lip Skin, takes 30-35 days. To minimize operator downtime QTA has two shipsets of Exchange Inlets available.

QTA minimizes downtime and keeps your aircraft flying and productive

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Approved Globally

Quiet Technology Aerospace Carbon Graphite Inner Barrel STC is approved around the world

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  • FAA: ST04261AT
  • EASA: 10065841
  • BRAZIL ANAC: 2017-S03-04
  • Transport CANADA Approved
  • DGAC (Mexico): IA-588-2019
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“As a major 135 charter operator with Lear 60, G200 and Challenger 300's based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida we certainly know about inlet corrosion. We have been frustrated that none of the repair options we have tried lasted very long.

A-OK Jets now exclusively uses the QTA composite barrel STC upgrades for all our inlets, the lifetime warranty in our environment guarantees aircraft availability, important to our customers.”

Tauni Miller


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30-35 Day

Turn Time for Exchange Inlets, painted to match your aircraft

Replaces part numbers

LH 288-0101-505
RH 288-0101-507

Press / News
  • Feb 1 | 2019 Quiet Technology Aerospace Receives Four Separate EASA STC Approvals
  • Jan 15 | 2019 Corrosion Relief for Bombardier Challenger 300/350 Operators
  • Dec 28 | 2018 QTA Receives STC; Corrosion Relief for Falcon 2000LX/EX Operators
  • Nov 19 | 2018 QTA Receives STC Approval for Hawker 1000 Carbon Graphite Inlet Upgrade

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